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Letter of Support and Solidarity from Lugansk


Trade Union Federation of Lugansk People’s Republic expresses support and solidarity with World Federation of Trade Union in the World day of struggle against privatizations on the April 4, 2016. ...READ MORE

Statement on 4th Aprile from Trade union Slesia Moravia OSCMS


Stop the Privatization Trade Union Association of Bohemia, Moravia & Slesia (OSCMS) fully supports April 4, 2016, as the International Day of Struggle against privatization of public services....READ MORE

ROME is not for sale!


Ten thousand workers, young people, unemployed, homeless invaded the Campidoglio against the privatizations of the commons goods announced in Rome by the Commissioner appointed by Renzi to replace...READ MORE

Speeches from the conference held in Brussels


Some of the speeches from the conference held in Brussels attached belowREAD MORE

On the Strike of February 4 - NO MORE! No more lies and illusions!


With today’s General National Strike the People have responded:NO MORE! No more lies and illusions!Take back the Butcher-Bill on Social Security!We continue every day, every hour in the streets of...READ MORE

Final Resolution of European Trade Union Meeting


The Trade Union Organizations that sign the following document on the Consequences the Monopolies-European Union-Governments’ policy on Privatizations, For the Employees and the Peoples of Europe and...READ MORE

Solidarity with the Struggle of Small Farmers in Greece


The international Conference for trade unions of Europe held in Brussels, Belgium from 25th to 26th of January 2016, an initiative of PAME - All Workers Militant Front and TUI Public Services and...READ MORE

Bruxelles: European Public Services Meeting


The Consequences of Privatizations For the Employees and the Peoples of Europe The Response of the Class Trade Unions European Public Services Meeting January 25-26, 2016 Brussels,...READ MORE

Road to Bruxelles: International Conference for trade unions of Europe


The offensive of the European Union, the Governments of the Member States and the business groups has resulted in deterioration of working conditions, wage cuts, abolishment of workers’ rights, and...READ MORE

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Pierpaolo Leonardi's speech at 17h World Trade Union Congress

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