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India: WFTU calls the Indian government to take urgent relieve measures


The World Federation of Trade Unions representing more than 90 million organized workers in 126 countries expresses its deep sorrow to the Indian people and the families of the heat wave victims, the men who died from excessive heat and the sunlight. We consider unacceptable the fact that in the 21st century ordinary people losing their lives either from the cold or from the heat, the rain, etc.


Those who lose their life in such circumstances are the poorest, workers, unemployed, poor farmers. This picture shows that the cause is the capitalist exploitation and the victims killed unjustly.

We demand from the government of India to take urgent measures to relieve the people.

We support the positions and proposals of Trade Unions of India requesting protective measures for workers and Indian people.

The international experience gathered by WFTU shows that in these cases certain measures must be taken, such as:

  1. Cease of working in all outdoor places.
  2. Creation of public air-conditioned spaces.
  3. Existence and conditioning operation in all indoor workplaces.
  4. Provision of drinking cool water in public places.

In such a direction we ask the international organizations and the governments of the countries to take measures.

For the class-oriented trade union movement and WFTU the protection of workers life is above all.

The Secretariat