Working People of all countries UNITE

More than 600 organizations call for Demonstrations on June 11 against the New Memorandum



PAME from Greece, facing the developments with the new anti workers Agreement prepared by the Greek Government with the European Union, the IMF and the ECB, which is a new Memorandum, has called the trade union organisations of Greece to respond massively, militantly, and decisively. To be an alert, ready to fight against the new measures that are being prepared. To send a message of militant resistance to the demands of the multinationals.

PAME has called for massive demonstrations all over Greece, on June 11. Already more than 600 trade union and people’s organisations have called for participation. At the same time the class trade union movement prepares for General Strike, response to the New Memorandum.

In this critical point for the workers and the people of Greece, international solidarity can be a powerful weapon. Solidarity can become a weapon against the propaganda of the imperialist centers, against the blackmails of the Greek Government, which demands the Greek people to submit to the new measures in the name of “proud negotiations”.

We call all the trade union organisations, from every branch and every country, to express their support to the struggle of the class trade union movement of Greece, to condemn the new memorandum of the Greek Government and the Troika


International Secretariat