Working People of all countries UNITE

PAME Calls for New National General Strike on October 2


The massive and militant participation in the Strike and the Strike rallies on September 24 gave the direction to continue and escalate the struggle.

Faced with the new measures of the Greek Government, which abolishes all workers’ rights that were left and additionally imposes new obstacles and prohibitions to workers’ trade union rights and freedoms, especially in our right to go on strike, PAME calls the trade unions in Public and Private Sector, all the Regional Unions and the National Federations to move forward with a new NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE ON OCTOBER 2ND

We must respond to the Government, using the weapons they want to take from us, our trade unions and workers’ strike action!

We call the trade unions to take decisions for Strike on October 2nd. The days remaining till next Wednesday the unions must use all means to inform the workers, to visit every workplace. To organize collective procedures, General Assemblies and Discussions, to use all means of intervention so as to break the silence and oppression.

Their “Growth” destroys whatever their Crisis left standing!

All in the Strike!