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Pierpaolo Leonardi's report about the 17h World Trade Union Congress


Dear Comrades,

Members of TUI PS&A

The 17th Congress of WFTU was a great political success for the debate and participation.
More than 1000 delegates participated in the  17 Congress of the WFTU.
111 organizations from 75 countries discussed prospects for growth and fight and decided what to do.

Priority growth, 100 million members by the next Congress, maintaining the positive trend which saw the FSM grow by 18% from Athens Congress to today. Commitment to the formation of a new generation of  cadre, young and militant, organization of new figures of social conflict. Development of internationalism, struggle and organization.

Important the presence of trade unions of public services, 31% of the delegates to the Congress, who have enriched the discussion leading to the Congress the testimony of their fight in every country in the world.
The Congress was also a valuable opportunity for meeting and discussion between trade unions belonging to the TUI PS&A.
We decided the dates of the Latin America regional meeting of TUI PS&A: 22/23 March, 2016, in Ecuador, organized by the new  Continental Vice President Perpetua Dionicia Mejia Echeverria
In the first week of April, coinciding with the week of the fight against privatization, it will be held the Asia Pacific continental meeting, probably in India, organized by the Vice President Nepal's Punja Prasad Dhakal and Deputy General Secretary Sreekumar.
For the African region the comrades of Sudan have made the task of confronting the mainland organizations to define as soon as possible the date of the meeting.

Meanwhile from Gabon came the proposal to hold the meeting for the countries of French-speaking Africa in Mauritania on the 3 and April 4, 2017

For Europe, which has already held the regional meeting opened the discussion how to continue the mobilization.

The secretariat of TUI PS&A invites all the affiliated trade unions to reinforce TUI PS&A, to strengthen the fight to defend the public employees and the public services; to prepare the week of fight against privatizations calling rally, demonstrations, strike etc. in every country.

Dear Comrades (128 K)