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 On December 4, the President of TUI PS&A Artur Sequeira, the Secretary General Pierpaolo Leonardi and the Head of the Economic Commission Michalis Archontides met via skype to discuss the organization of the next World Congress as agreed during the last TUI PS&A World Secretariat.

        President Sequeira confirmed that no country, apart from a proposal that was not followed up by Vice President Middle East Adel Nazmy Aly Hassan, has proposed to host the World Congress, so it remains the only offer of the PAISEK-PEO of Cyprus that offered to host the congress with a financial participation of member organizations not being able to face alone the total expense.

        Michalis Archontides proposes to take place in November 2018 with about 100 participants for 2 days (maximum 3 nights for the most distant organizations) with a minimum contribution of 50 euros per delegate and economic involvement from the major unions.

        General secretary Leonardi poses the problem of the translation service, one of the most expensive items, which is solved by the decision to rely on voluntary translators insured by various trade unions while the structure (cabins and technical equipment) will be guaranteed by the PEO.


        As far as the policy document is concerned, it is proposed to articulate it on:

        - Activity Report 2015-2018

        - Action plane 2019- 2023

        - Congress resolution


        The difficulty of transmission via Skype prevents to continue and it is decided to continue the meeting, inviting Babis Vortelinos, Vice President Europe, region which will host the congress, on the afternoon of 25 January at the conclusion of the EUROF Secretariat that will be held on 24 and 25 January in Porto.