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Solidarity message from TUI PS&A Asia pacific regional meeting to Syrian people and workers


TUI Public Services of WFTU salutes the heroic, proud people of Syria. We salute our brothers from the GFTU Syria and the workers who resist the imperialist terrorism.

We stand by the side of the people of Syria, who are suffering the attack of imperialism. We cannot stand idle when the imperialists intervene, bombard, kill, cause millions of refugees for the profits of the multinationals, for the control of energy resources, of their transport routes and control of the markets.

It is the duty of the trade unions of the world to stand up against the plans of the imperialists. To condemn the imperialist war and organize workers’ resistance.

TUI PS of the WFTU stands by the side of the Syrian people and workers


      TUI PS&A secretariat


   Trivandrum -  India                                                                                                11September 2017

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