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GREECE Athens Successful Action Day in Healthcare


With massive participation of doctors, nurses, workers’ of all sectors and People’s Committees
took place on May 23 the Successful Action Day in Healthcare. With meetings, protest
demonstrations, campaigns and other militant initiatives in public hospitals the "Action Day In
Healthcare For The Needs Of Popular Families And The Rights Of Workers In
Healthcare", followed the decision taken by workers' unions for common action with demands
that respond to the problems of hospitals, healthcare and patients.
The demands of the action day were:
Mass recruitment of permanent staff of all specialties and in all sectors (doctors, nurses,
cleaning staff etc), the termination of the slave trade to the workers with flexible form of
employment, permanent and steady work for all, full and adequate funding from the state
budget and the recovery of all losses in wages and labor rights. End intensification of work. No
cuts in unhealthy work allowance. Include in Unhealthy work allowance of all those working in
heavy - unhealthy and dangerous conditions. Exclusively Public Free Healthcare System,
without any payment from patients
The Healthcare Unions also called for support to the National General Strike of May 30

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