Working People of all countries UNITE

Thousands of dismissals for municipality workers


The coalition government of the so-called left
party of SYRIZA with the far-right party of
ANEL is dismissing thousands of sanitation
workers in municipalities. This contract
workers have been fighting for permanent and
stable jobs for more than three years and
managed with their struggle to extend their
contracts from the original two or eight months
to more than three years.
The class oriented trade unions in local
administration have been organizing their
struggle all this time. The class oriented trade unions are the only ones that accept as their
members and organize all employees in municipalities, regardless of their employment
relationship or the employer, putting into practice the unity of all workers in the sector.
The Greek government in close cooperation with the European Union, the International
Monetary Fund and the OECD continues to implement its policy of privatizations of profitable for
the big monopoly groups sectors of activity in the municipalities, with a focus on collection
services and waste management, and hitting
the labor rights of workers.
On Tuesday 3rd of July class oriented trade
unions of Athens organized a mass
demonstration of these sanitation workers at the
Ministry of Interior Affairs of Athens and at the
Greek parliament. The workers are fighting
against the dismissals, for full-time and stable
jobs. The Greek government refused to take
back the dismissals. Our struggle continues!

Greece, Athens July 4th 2018

Vortelinos Mpampis
Vicepresident of TUI PS &A Europe