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USB: The EU legitimizes dismissal during pregnancy. The last frontier of rights has been undermined

Thursday 22 February the plethoric European Court of Justice - 47 members and 11 general lawyers, for 4/5 males - surprisingly legitimized the dismissal of a pregnant woman in the framework of a collective redundancy procedure. On one hand it reaffirms the still current value of the EU directive 92/85 which prohibits the dismissal of female workers in the period between the beginning of pregnancy and the end of maternity leave, but on the other gives green light to layoffs when "not related to pregnancy". In short: pregnant or not, if a company invents the right form and swears and perjury that it does not dismiss you because you're pregnant, very good at it. In this way, even the white resignation that even today many women are forced to sign at the beginning of a working relationship, are outdated. The controversy on which the Court has expressed itself comes from Spain, in the lawsuit filed in 2013 by Jessica Porras Guisado against Bankia SA, and the European Court requested the application of the Spanish law to the letter, despite the doubts of the local court of second instance , justifying dismissal for economic reasons relating to the organization and production of the company. Once again, the European Union reveals its true and only face: defending the profits of banks and businesses to the detriment of the rights of workers. And we can bet that such a sentence fits perfectly with the introduction in Italy of the budget balance in the Constitution, which will introduce further and greater cuts to the welfare state, penalizing primarily women. In a country like Italy - where women are considered the social shock of an endangered welfare state; where, if and when they are lucky enough to work, they do so in conditions of greater precariousness and blackmail, between obligatory part-time and white discharge; where the wage differential reaches 20%; where through the work act you continue to be fired with impunity - certainly those who will wink at the infamous decision of the European Court of Justice. we reject the sender of the EU and continue to fight in defense of the rights and dignity of work and of workers and workers. The general strike that we proclaimed on March 8, coinciding with the international day that will see the women of 70 countries take to the streets, will be a further moment to reaffirm that we are no longer willing to accept discrimination, blackmail, harassment and precariousness.