Working People of all countries UNITE

WFTU in Solidarity with RMT and the Railway Workers of the United Kingdom


The World Federation of Trade Unions that represents 90 million workers, from 126 countries expresses its support to the railway workers of the UK and RMT who are going on Strike on May 25-26 demanding better wages and job security.

The last years the Railway Company NETWORK RAIL has gained billions, however RMT highlights that the workers are standing up for the principle of ‎a properly staffed and resourced railway where safety comes first and where corners aren’t cut to hit budget targets. In this direction the RMT is already prepared, with rock solid support by its members, to start industrial action.

WFTU stands on the side of the railway workers and RMT and their struggle for job security and better wages. WFTU calls on all trade unions to take initiatives of solidarity with RMT and send messages of support to the railway workers.


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