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WFTU in Solidarity with the Working Class of Lebanon


WFTU expresses its condolences to the families of the victims of the bombing in south Beirut, to the working class of Lebanon for this heinous crime against the Lebanese people. According to Red Cross sources, 43 people were killed and 239 were also wounded, several in critical condition. The location of the bombing attack is not random, the aim of the attack were the supporters of Hezbollah.

Their purpose is the hitting of the Lebanese Resistance, the working class of Lebanon, despite the hitting continues to resist against Imperialism, Israel, USA, NATO and aids with ever means the resistance of other peoples.

WFTU calls its affiliates and friends to express their solidarity to the Lebanese people. We demand an end to the Imperialistic interventions against the people of Middle East. We strongly believe that the people of its country have the right to decide freely and democratically for their present and future.

The Secretariat