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WFTU Statement on the World Day Against Racial Discrimination


On the occasion of the World Day Against Racial Discrimination, the WFTU reaffirms its stable position against all forms of racial discrimination. The WFTU, true to its internationalist principles, unites the voices of more than 95 million organized workers all over the world no matter the race, gender, religion, color of skin, age.

There’s no place for racial discrimination in the trade union movement. Racial and other forms of discrimination are generated and maintained so that the monopolies, the transnational corporations, the imperialist mechanisms and the reactionary governments safeguard their interests and maintain the class exploitation. Nazi, neo-nazi, racist organizations and ideologies are instruments of the capitalist system and enemies of the working class and the popular strata.

We express our deep class solidarity with the the millions of immigrant workers, the millions of refugees who are facing double exploitation, as part of the working class, but also as immigrants. All workers, whether they are foreigners or locals are class brothers and our struggles are common, no matter the nationality, race, color of skin or religion. They should have a common front and build their class unity apart from divisions and discriminations imposed to them by the ruling forces. The strong, class – oriented struggle of the workers and the people can defeat racial discrimination, racism and xenophobia.