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You don't need enemies If you have friends like these


Dear Colleagues,

With great indignation and abhorrence, we read the decisions of the ETUC Congress for public employees.

It was once again confirmed that the ETUC has nothing to do with the workers. They do not struggle to secure their rights, they do not listen to their anxieties. ETUC is funded by 75% from the EU to intervene in Europe's trade union movement and to promote its anti-labor policies.

It is no coincidence that the spokesperson for Europe's employers thanked the ETUC and its services for promoting social dialogue and class cooperation, i.e. disarmament of workers for employers' profits.

We call upon public employees to turn their back on this trade union of employers and social partners. No trade union of any country should participate there. To get in touch with the class labor movement in Europe that for public employees is the TUI Public Services of the WFTU.   (Email :

Babis Vortelinos

TUI PS Vice President

Coordinator of Europe