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A Declaration of GFTU Syria about Trump's Statements regarding Occupied Syrian Golan


USA represented by its president and its legal and military institutions move forward in their aggression against peoples' rights in their emancipation of occupation, and international creeds especially those that condemn Israeli's aggressive, expansive and occupational policies of their 1967 occupation of the Arabic occupied lands including Syrian Golan. In the 21st of March, USA President Donald Trump tweeted that 'After 52 years, its the time for the USA to totally acknowledge the total sovereignty of Israel over Golan Heights that have strategic and delicate status for Israel".
Trump's attitude came in to accomplish a series of official American movements and statements that support the illegal Israelis occupation and Israel's racial and aggressive policies. This matter is an aggressive  American violation of UN resolutions and its specialized agencies especially UN Security Council resolution no. 497 in 1981 and ILO resolution at the same year and both of them refuse totally the resolution of the Israel's government in annexing Golan to its aggressive state and consider it as cancelled and has no legal effect and also the resolution no. 242 of the year 1967 that state of the necessity of Israel's withdrawal of occupied Syrian Golan.
The attitudes of US administration and its aggression has made of itself an enemy of Syrian people, but the peoples of the world who believe in international legal rights that refute the dominance policies, occupation and the usurp of people's rights.
The US administration by this arrogance violates the right of Syria in regaining these occupied lands and its sovereignty over it. Also, the US administration has no right or custody in determining the future of occupied Syrian Golan. Those attitudes represent a continuation of the aggressive US involvement in the war that our Syrian people are facing and suffering from for over than 8 years.
The Syrian trade union movement represented by its GFTU Syria condemn this US aggression and the bias of US adminstration next to the Israeli aggressive Entity and its expansive greed including those racial policies regarding Syrian Golan and its resisting-under-occupation citizens for all Israeli's aggressive policies. GFTU Syria calls upon UN to stand firmly against the US- Israeli violation for its related resolutions. We also call upon ILO to apply its resolutions especially those that condemn Israeli's occupation of the Golan that describe it as racial acts. They have to call upon Israel to cease their policies in making Syrian Golan as part of Israel, the have to reserve its identity as an occupied Syrian land.
GFTU Syria calls upon world's workers and its trade union organizations to raise their voices very loud to condemn the blind and unlimited US bias towards Israel's expansive policies because this declared  US support next Israel represents danger against security, peace and stability in the region and the entire world.
Your stand next to our legal right in resisting the Israeli occupation is the stand next to a just cause and your contribution in standing next to out legal and just struggles.

Damascus 23/3/2019
The Executive Bureau of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Syrian Arab Republic