Working People of all countries UNITE

Durban, the 17th World Trade Union Congress


Hundreds of workers and employees from 111 countries of the 5 continents are arriving in Durban, South Africa with great enthusiasm from today in order to participate to the 17th World Trade Union Congress, organized in the heroic land of South Africa.

So far, according to the featured numbers, in the Congress are going to take part:
-1200 trade-union participants
-111 countries from the 5 continents
-340 women trade-unionists
-31% of the delegates are from the Public Sector and 69% are private employees.

The WFTU leadership would like to thank the South Africa working class as well as its militant trade unions for their great initiative to host a great trade union event like this.

The 17th World Trade Union Congress is going to be a great democratic, open, internationalist and class-oriented trade union event .

The WFTU Secretariat