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Solidarity Message of WFTU to the Turkish People after the Earthquake


The World Federation of Trade Unions representing more than 97 million workers in 130 countries conveys its condolences to the families of the victims of the earthquake and the Turkish people. Our...LEGGI TUTTO

The WFTU President is taking part and addressed the 16th CITU All India Conference


The WFTU President Mzwandile Michael Makwayiba is visiting India on the occasion of the 16th CITU All India conference and is taking part in all the militant activities organized by the WFTU...LEGGI TUTTO

XII Congresso da Federação Nacional dos Sindicatos dos Trabalhadores em Funções Públicas e Sociais


O XII Congresso da Federação Nacional dos Sindicatos dos Trabalhadores em Funções Públicas e Sociais realiza-se nos dias  16 e 17 de Janeiro de 2020 e terá por lema “LUTAR E AVANÇAR NOS...LEGGI TUTTO



The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) condemns the military invasion of Turkey in Syria. The true goals of Turkey is to hit the Kurds and generate conditions for intervention in the internal...LEGGI TUTTO

PAME Calls for New National General Strike on October 2


The massive and militant participation in the Strike and the Strike rallies on September 24 gave the direction to continue and escalate the struggle.Faced with the new measures of the Greek...LEGGI TUTTO



A WFTU comment on the ITUC campaign LEGGI TUTTO

The WFTU condemns the statement of the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about annexation of the Jordan Valley from Israel


The World Federation of Trade Unions, gathering in its ranks 100 million workers in 132 countries around the globe, strongly condemns the announcement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,...LEGGI TUTTO

III Conferencia LatinoAmericana Caribena


dias 11,12 y13 de Setiembre del 2019 en la ciudad de Bogota - Colombia

WFTU statement on the 74 years since the dropping of atomic bombs


It has been 74 years since one of the most heinous crimes against humanity when the USA dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, murdering hundreds of thousands of people while thousands were...LEGGI TUTTO

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