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Hoy en la oficina central de la USB en Roma se realizó una reunión conRamón Labañino Salazar, uno de los cinco héroes cubanos presos desdehace 16 años en cárceles de Estados Unidos por sus...LEGGI TUTTO

Militant Demonstration of Unions, Students, Teachers Against the Fascists


The working class of Piraeus, the students and teachers of the local schools, with the Parents’ Associations held a militant demonstration on Saturday, January 21st, against the racism and xenophobia...LEGGI TUTTO

WFTU Statement on the Education of the Refugee Children


The refugee children who have reached Europe during the last few years, coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and other countries, have urgent and specific needs of accommodation, security,...LEGGI TUTTO

The workers are answering with protests against cuts in public-sector salaries in Banja Luka in Republika Srpska, Bosnia.


The government of Republika Srpska has announced cuts in the compensation paid for past years’ work, which is paid as a supplement to workers’ salaries, while the average monthly pay of teachers and...LEGGI TUTTO

Czech Postal Service ready to strike


A Statement by Trade Union Association of Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia (OSCMS), Czech Republic, on Supporting of Czech Postal Service Employees OSCMS unambiguously supports the Czech Postal...LEGGI TUTTO

Municipality Workers Protest Forced the Government to Satisfy Workers' Demands


On Tuesday, October 11, the Municipality Workers’ Union of Athens (OTA Workers’ Union) with other unions of public administration, from many cities held a militant protest at the Ministry of Public...LEGGI TUTTO

National Week of Enlightenment, Claims and Fight - 26 to 30 September


Advancing action and vindictive fight in companies and workplaces, defending and demanding the right to collective bargaining:- The increase of wages by at least 4% and can not increase the salary is...LEGGI TUTTO

TUI PS expresses its Solidarity with the Strike of the Healthcare Workers in Greece, on June 8


TUI Public Services of the WFTU expresses its solidarity and support with the Healthcare workers and teachers of Greece who go on Strike on June 8. Healthcare and Education is a right for all...LEGGI TUTTO

April 7 - Greece National Strike in Public Services


The forces of PAME in Public Services organized massive and militant demonstrations in many cities in Greece on April 7, day of Strike in Public Sector. The demonstration was the escalation of April...LEGGI TUTTO

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