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Municipality Workers Protest Forced the Government to Satisfy Workers' Demands


On Tuesday, October 11, the Municipality Workers’ Union of Athens (OTA Workers’ Union) with other unions of public administration, from many cities held a militant protest at the Ministry of Public Administration.

Though under heavy rain, the workers who rallied met with the Deputy Minister and protested against the layoffs of all workers with 2month contracts. At the same time it transferred the responsibility for the job positions of the rest municipality workers, to the mayors of each city, opening the way for more layoffs.

Because of the pressure and the continuous struggles and demonstrations the Unions succeeded in the Government extending all workers contracts till the end of the year and no worker to lose his job. We will continue the fight demanding the change of all fixed term contracts to permanent.

We do not rest! We do not trust the Government of SYRIZA and its tactics!

We stay on Alert and we organize!