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PAME condemns the murderous attack against the peace-labour movement of Turkey


PAME that represents the class trade union movement of Greece condemns the murderous bomb attack against the peace and trade union movement of Turkey. We express our solidarity to our brothers, the...LEIA MAIS

WFTU International Action Day-03rd October-2015 Observed


Following the spirit and objective of the World Federation of trade unions (WFTU) on the occasion of 70th WFTU Foundation day and international action day October 3rd 2015 Bangladesh Govt. Employees...LEIA MAIS

Sao Paulo: The first day of the WFTU central activity concluded with great success.


The first day of the WFTU central activity concluded. The Delegates form more than 40 countries of the world this morning in Brazil discussed about Geopolitics, CELAC (Community of Latin American...LEIA MAIS

Syria: "The imperialist intervention in Syria must end now" said WFTU GS in his solidarity Speech


Read here the speech of WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos at the International Conference of WFTU and GFTU in Solidarity With the Syrian People held in Damascus, Syria on 13-14 September...LEIA MAIS

South Africa: WFTU Delegate adressed the 15th NUM Congress


Heading the WFTU delegation participating at the 15th National Congress of the National Union of Mineworkers convening in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 3rd-6th of June 2015, the WFTU...LEIA MAIS

WFTU in Solidarity with RMT and the Railway Workers of the United Kingdom


The World Federation of Trade Unions that represents 90 million workers, from 126 countries expresses its support to the railway workers of the UK and RMT who are going on Strike on May 25-26...LEIA MAIS

More than 600 organizations call for Demonstrations on June 11 against the New Memorandum


Colleagues, PAME from Greece, facing the developments with the new anti workers Agreement prepared by the Greek Government with the European Union, the IMF and the ECB, which is a new Memorandum,...LEIA MAIS

Nepal: WFTU Affiliate CONEP in volunteer relief mission


Nepal is in condition of gravely shocked at the moment. Due to the devastating earthquake of the April 25, 2015 and immediately followed by similar tremors of April 26 and May 12 took an unimaginable...LEIA MAIS

Appeal: To All WFTU members and Friends


In October 3rd, 2015 our historic Organization celebrates its 70 years of militant and internationalist struggle. On this Occasion the Presidential Council of the WFTU has decided to appeal to all...LEIA MAIS

India: WFTU calls the Indian government to take urgent relieve measures


The World Federation of Trade Unions representing more than 90 million organized workers in 126 countries expresses its deep sorrow to the Indian people and the families of the heat wave victims, the...LEIA MAIS

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Pierpaolo Leonardi's speech at 17h World Trade Union Congress

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