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Pasyek Cyprus : " Internatonal Week of Fight against privatizations"


Attached photos from many Pasyek iniziatives in Cyprus

USB -Italy "Nationalizations here and now"


Ten  thousand in Rome claim "Nationalizations here and now"  A large popular demonstration invaded the streets of the capital to claim "Nationalizations here and now"....LEIA MAIS

BSNL Employees Union : A Convention for All India Young Workers


BSNL Employees Union is continuously conducting many educational programme to educate it’s members, with the view to raise their level of consciousness. Last year, the Union conducted Seminars in...LEIA MAIS

TUI PS&A supports the strike of the civil servants in Guinea-Bissau.


The TUI PS&A, consisting of 23 million members, expresses its international solidarity with the officials in Guinea-Bissau, who ask an increase in minimum wage and better working conditions. The...LEIA MAIS

Solidarity Message of TUI PS &A in Europe with PAME and trade unions of Greece


TUI PS &A in Europe expresses its condolences to the families of 60 people who have lost their lives by the wildfires in Athens. (number that minute with minute increases continuously). Also...LEIA MAIS

Meeting between the TUI PS&A Vice President for Europe and the comrades of the VGCL Vietnam


We publish the report of the meeting between the TUI PS&A Vice President for Europe mr Babis Vortellinos and the comrades of the VGCL Vietnam visiting AthensLEIA MAIS

Thousands of dismissals for municipality workers


The coalition government of the so-called leftparty of SYRIZA with the far-right party ofANEL is dismissing thousands of sanitationworkers in municipalities. This contractworkers have been fighting...LEIA MAIS

European initiative of the WFTU WYC in solidarity with refugees and migrants


The Working Youth Committee of the World Federation of Trade Unions is moving on one more initiative for solidarity with the refugees and migrants in the continent of Europe.The new initiative of the...LEIA MAIS

USB big demonstration in Rome and international solidarity on the way


Big demonstration last Saturday in Rome. Twenty thousand in the streets in Rome with USB against the inequalities and reactionary policies of the "Salvini government"LEIA MAIS

GREECE Athens Successful Action Day in Healthcare


With massive participation of doctors, nurses, workers’ of all sectors and People’s Committeestook place on May 23 the Successful Action Day in Healthcare. With meetings, protestdemonstrations,...LEIA MAIS

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Pierpaolo Leonardi's speech at 17h World Trade Union Congress

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